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Save the Date! Nov. 2 2019


Funk Opus Live! Saturday, Nov. 2


Meet the Band!


Bruce Fields started piano lessons as a child with his mother as his first teacher.              In college he studied music, joined choir and played for student theater productions,    He continued his classical piano studies with Maria Choban.  Whether playing Bach or Parliament, Bruce’s passion is working with like-minded musicians to bring the joy of music to audiences.

Ypsi Fest – Aug. 24, 6pm


Banfield’s (Resceduled) -March 16, 9pm

Come Out and Thaw Out!



Turkey Jam! Banfields Weds. Nov 22, 2017

Come and Get your Groove on before that Turkey and Football have you reclined!

Dance with Funk Opus At Banfields! 8:30 pm.

2turkey turkey

Banfield’s! Oct. 20, 2017- 8:30 pm

oct 20

Ypsi Outdoor Concert! Aug. 25, 6pm- Frog Island Park


Next show! Friday July 7, 6pm

summer concert